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CSS Basics

CSS (Cascading Styles of Sheets) is the language used for styling the HTML documents/elements. Web page with plain HTML is like human skeleton without any skin/muscle, while HTML with CSS is like Human with skin,muscle and skeleton. CSS Improves the User Experience and asthetics of the web page. Cascading styles meaning the style applied to parent element will be cascaded down to child elements. Styles of higher precendence override the lower precendence. Example is, we may apply the font size of the body tag(Parent) to 16px, while applying font size 20px to a div(child), 16px will be overriden by 20px. if there is no font size mentioned then it will take 16px font size from parent's style. Basic syntax of css style is as below selector{  property_name: property_value; } There are different

HTML Basics

HTML (Hypertext markup language) is used to build web pages, which are accessed across internet, it defines the structure/skeleton of webpage content using different tags, ex: <h1>Heading1</h1> . Each tag represent a structure, which usually has opening and closing tags as above example, though there are few exceptions,which are self closing. ex: <br/> Below is the sample HTML structure. <html> &lt- root html tag <head> &lt- head tag has meta,title,style and script etc. tags <title>Title</title> </head> <body> &lt- actual page content goes inside <h1>Header</h1> <body> </html> Let's understand some basic HTML tags